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skin for serum xfer (VST)
skin for serum

DeluxeRock Pro





8,5 MB


We love the design of the original Serum created by Lance Thackeray, but sometimes we want to breathe new life into our favorite synth and look at it in a new way to get inspiration.

Logical design

We’ve put the right emphasizes to help improve your workflow, including knob with a graphical representation of the density, intuitive layout of the synthesizer blocks (OSC, Filter, Modulation, etc), and more.

Vector graphics

DeluxeRock Pro was created with vector graphics which means it is fully scalable.

And more

• Compatible with Retina and 4k displays • Minimalistic design with analogue soul • Free updates with improvements • Easy to install.

Just compare

DeluxeRock vs Default

original skin for serum Before


What producers are saying about DeluxeRock Pro

“Hey, I just wanted to tell you that your serum skin is absolutely amazing!”

“Dude, that serum skin you’ve made is the best on the market, been using it for months and the whole experience in serum is on the next level 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😁!”

“I have tried all the skins on the internet and this is the best one.”


Easy installation
Vector graphics
Looks great in any DAW
Particular attention to detail
Compatible with 4k & Retina


Xfer Serum

DeluxeRock Pro


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