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DAFT SYNTHS – Serum Presets



50 presets




4,1 MB


Sounds incredibly close to Daft Punk

Daft Synths is a preset pack for Serum, inspired by the sounds of Daft Punk. In order to recreate the sound as similar as possible, before we started working on this package, we did some research and found out what hardware the legendary french duo used to make their music. We are pleased to present 50 high-quality presets that we received as a result.

We have recreated the most famous basses, leads and keys that you will easily recognise when you hear it. Each patch has useful macros thats allows you quickly play around with the key parameters.

50 Serum Presets

• 12 BASS
• 11  LEAD
• 9   KEY
• 6   PLUCK
• 8   SYNTH


• Simple and easy to use
• Unique and rich sounds
• Useful Macros
• Organised Matrix
• Embedded Custom Wavetables


Xfer Records Serum plugin v1.345 or higher