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retrowave and synthwave and outrun sample pack
sample pack



This pack was inspired by music from the 80’s, as a nostalgia for the pop culture of the that time, a music that now is called Synthwave.




564 MB

Vintage drum machines samples

To make this pack we paid a lot of attention to build high-quality drum hit samples for retro genres production. These are 214 drums that were taken from the most popular drum machines (LinnDrum, DMX, SP1200, TR-707, CR-78) of the time and carefully refined. And of course we also took care of to craft retro loops. Here you will also find 45 great effects (risers, sweeps, impacts etc) and 79 synth shots that can diversify your sound and make it more complex.

Kicks – 27
Snares – 28
Claps – 22
Hi-hats – 59
Percussions – 33
Cymbals –24
Toms – 21

Drum loops – 33
Top loops – 36

Melodic & chords – 41
Bass loops – 15

Bass shots – 30
Synth shots – 34
Chord shots – 15

Impacts – 25
Sweeps & risers – 20

Chords & basses

The folder structure

OUTRUNNER features sampler-ready single drum hits, bass, chord & synth shots. All of the loops in this product are 100% royalty-free.


• Sampler-ready single drum hits
• Ready-to-use samples
• 100% royalty-free


564,8 MB

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