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daft punk serum presets recreation
preset pack



Daft Synths is a preset pack for Serum, inspired by the sounds of Daft Punk. To recreate the sound as similar as possible, before we started working on this package, we did some research and found out what hardware the legendary french duo used to make their music. 

We have recreated the most famous basses, leads, and keys that you will recognize when you hear them. These sounds are actually the foundation of French House, French Touch, Filter House and are extremely useful for House, Nu-Disco, Synth-Funk, Synth-Pop. And, of course, it sounds good for a wide range of dance genres from EDM to Techno.





  • BASS Around The World
  • BASS Teachers
  • BASS One More Time
  • BASS Short Circuit
  • BASS TV Rules The Nation
  • BASS Voyager
  • BASS Something About Us
  • BASS Face To Face
  • LEAD Aerodynamic Guitar
  • LEAD Aerodynamic
  • LEAD Da Funk I
  • LEAD Da Funk II
  • LEAD Digital Love Guitar
  • LEAD Robot Choir
  • LEAD Something About Us
  • PLUCK Around The World
  • PLUCK Veridis Quo
  • PLUCK The Son of Flynn
  • PLUCK Giorgio By Moroder
  • SYNTH The Prime Time
  • SYNTH Stream Machine
  • SYNTH Rollin' & Scratchin'
  • KEY Short Circuit
  • KEY Contact
  • KEY Instant Crush

50 Daft presets

BASS – 12
LEAD – 11
KEY – 9


• Simple and easy to use
• Unique and rich sounds
• Useful Macros
• Organised Matrix
• Embedded Custom Wavetables


4,1 MB


Latest version of Serum

This pack also available in bundles
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